Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is tasked with ensuring that homes in our neighborhood are well maintained, vehicles are properly registered, and property is kept in accordance with the Seneca Chase Homeowners Association Covenants, the ARC Guidelines, and Loudoun County codes.  The ARC monitors our community, addresses any violations, and takes action as needed to ensure that all residents comply with the regulations mentioned above. 


Tasteful additions and remodeling keep home prices rising, and these improvements yield quick contracts with prospective buyers.  Therefore, changes to a home, including additions and exterior alterations, must first be approved by the ARC. 


An Exterior Alteration Application form must be submitted to or mailed to the address provided on the application for approval prior to the start of the planned alteration.  The ARC regulations that all homeowners signed upon purchasing their home is available below.

ARC Forms and Community Documents